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Supportive Annulment Attorneys When You Need to Void a Marriage in Arizona

Annulments are rare, but our annulment attorneys in Phoenix are prepared to take decisive action to help you get your life back on track.

It is important to keep in mind that though annulments legally erase marriages, your life still goes on. We prepare you for both.

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  • Honest representation. At Singular Law Group, our annulment attorneys are candid and will advise you whether the marriage can be annulled, and if so, how that will affect you.
  • Timely and thorough. Our annulment lawyers will file the appropriate paperwork by the deadlines and with sufficient evidence and smart legal analysis.
  • Supportive and forward-thinking. At Singular Law Group, our family law lawyers provide the support you need to move on after an invalid marriage has upended your life.

Our annulment attorneys in Phoenix are informed and resourceful.

We know annulments are rare but more common in Arizona than you would think.

Annulments are necessary to address invalid marriages. Being in this situation can be unnerving and quick action is required. Our Phoenix annulment lawyers handle these types of family law cases with unparalleled tact and competence to provide the support our clients need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Annulments are not divorces. In most situations, to get a divorce in Arizona, all you need to say is that (1) your marriage is irretrievably broken; or (2) you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences. To obtain an annulment, you must have a legal reason. An annulment essentially erases the marriage – meaning from the law’s perspective, your marriage never happened, and that has real consequences (good and bad). Grounds for annulment are many and include: duress or lack of consent, temporary or permanent insanity, mental illness, lack of mental capacity, fraud, intoxication, impotency, inability to consummate the marriage, incestuous marriage, or bigamy. In cases where one party is underage, the marriage can be annulled if the parents did not consent. Further, mock marriages, where the parties never intended for the marriage to be binding, can also be annulled.
As mentioned, an annulment erases the marriage. As such, it is like the marriage never happened. One party cannot seek spousal maintenance because, technically, they were never spouses. This consequence is one of the disadvantages (or benefits) of an annulment. The same is not true about child support or even property division. Both parents, regardless of whether they were ever married, must financially support their child, and so child support can be sought and will be granted if the circumstances demand it. Financial security, after all, is in the best interests of the child. Further, property division is handled the same as it is in divorce, which means assets and debt are divided according to the state’s community property statutes. If a home was purchased during the course of the invalid marriage but only one party took out a loan for it, it will still be treated as community property.

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Singular Law Group is where many families in Arizona find solutions to their problems. If you are in an invalid marriage but are not sure of what to do next, contact us for comprehensive representation. We make solving family issues affordable while providing the legal help you need. Book Your Appointment Today

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Whether you need an annulment or a divorce, the family law attorneys at Singular Law Group will guide you through it. We know it can be a confusing time, but our lawyers bring their experiences, insight, and skill to help obtain favorable outcomes.

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