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Where the Best Interests of the Child are Put First

Children are most affected by a divorce or separation. Through meaningful representation, we aim to make co-parenting a positive experience.

Respect is the foundation of successful co-parenting in Arizona.

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  • Balancing Parenting Time. At Singular Law Group, our Phoenix child custody lawyers recognize that both parents play a role in their child’s life and help create a meaningful parenting schedule.
  • Prioritizing Child Development. At Singular Law Group, our attorneys know that respect for the child and their development is a factor in smart parenting plan schedules.
  • Accommodating Special Issues. At Singular Law Group, our family custody attorneys will identify special issues, like high conflict, military, never married, and safety concerns, and address them appropriately

Our child custody lawyers in Phoenix provide trusted counsel and compassion.

We help you find the right balance that affords both parents quality time with their children.

Raising children while living together is a challenge, but doing it in two separate homes is even more challenging. A thoughtful parenting time schedule is the best means to provide stability and well-being for everyone involved, but especially for your child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no winners or losers in child custody – parenting time is not to be looked at in those terms because if you do, it is the child who suffers. Family courts in Arizona consider what is in the best interests of the child. Normally, that means allowing the child to build strong relationships with each parent. Legal custody, now referred to as legal decision-making, can result in one of two situations: joint or sole custody. Joint legal decision-making is preferred because it allows both parents to make important life decisions about their children. It does not, however, mean equal parenting time. For example, parents could have joint custody but split parenting time per a 60/40 schedule. Sole custody, on the other hand, is less preferred because it awards only one parent with the right to make legal decisions. That said, the other parent is still granted parenting time unless restricted by the courts. In the end, who has legal decision-making is awarded in accordance with custody factors set out in A.R.S. § 25-403. These factors include things like the parents’ wishes, education, the parents’ behavior towards each other and the child, and more.
Parenting plans are necessary in Arizona when going through a divorce with children. Parenting plans are also important even for separations or for unmarried couples when the father has proven paternity and wants custody or parenting time with the child. Parenting plans work to minimize conflict and open communication channels between the parents and their children. Per A.R.S. §25-403.02, a parenting plan must be submitted before a judge will grant joint custody. This parenting plan must, at a minimum, outline each parent’s rights and responsibilities for the child, how decisions for the child will be made, a schedule of who has custody when and where, a procedure for disputes or modification requests, and a statement that the both parties understand that joint custody does not mean equal parenting time. There is a lot of planning, negotiating, compromising, and prioritizing that goes into a successful, mutually agreeable parenting plan in Arizona. The latter is true regardless of whether special issues exist, like custody of newborn babies, an parent who is incarcerated, the incorporation of blended families, or a child who does not want time with one of the parents.

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Singular Law Group is the place where you will find the right child custody lawyer for you and your unique circumstances. The innovative way in which we provide family law services allows us to minimize costs while delivering competent legal representation.

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