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Singular Law Group PLLC (SLG) Arizona Legal Services Limited Scope Representation Agreement

Legal Plan

This Limited Scope Representation Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Singular Law Group  (“SLG”), an Arizona limited liability company, and you (the “Primary Member,” “Client,” “you,” or “your”) (together, the “Parties”) for the Legal Plan services described below( referred to as the “Legal Plans” or “Plans” and sometimes referenced as “Advisory Services”) offered though Singular Law Group PLLC. CompleteCase, LLC, Divorce.com, LLC, OnlineDivorce.com, LLC, Online Divorce Service, LLC, and their parents, subsidiaries and/or affiliated entities  (our “Divorce Partners”) are not parties to this Agreement. You agree our Divorce Partners are not liable for service performed pursuant to this Agreement. A limited scope representation means that the amount of work the attorney performs for you is limited to certain tasks as defined in section a) of Legal Plan Services below. Limited scope representation is a means to provide access to legal services while making legal help affordable. The remainder of tasks required outside the scope of this Agreement, if any, will be your sole responsibility. You may choose to hire your attorney or another attorney to perform the additional tasks for additional fees.

This Agreement is effective as of the date accepted by You.

  1. Incorporation of Additional Terms.

Your use of the Singular Law Group’s Services are subject to Singular Law Group PLLC’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  1. Firm Services and Use of Third Parties.

SLG uses certain service providers to complete the services under this Agreement. Any funds required for those covered services are included in your original payment and require no additional payment by you.

Firm. SLG has the right to subcontract services under this Agreement to lawyers located in the United States. Services performed by attorneys in the United States are governed by the ethical rules in the state of the licensed attorney. The law firm (“Firm”) performing services on your order depends on the state being serviced. These are the firms servicing orders in the following states:

The Anderson Law Firm LLC

Singular Law Group, PLLC

Law Offices of Omar Gastelum & Associates APLC

Richard P. Poormon, Attorney at Law

Shari J. Switko, Attorney at Law and Mediator

Diane Fowler, Esquire

Poormon Road Law

Djuana O’Connor Oshin, Attorney at Law

The Anderson Law Firm LLC

Law Office of Jennifer Lester

Kelley Collett, Attorney at Law, PLLC

The Anderson Law Firm LLC

Poormon Road Law

New Jersey
Shane and White, LLC

New York
Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C.

Poormon Road Law

Klein, Vogin & Gold

Eaton Law FIrm

Poormon Road Law

BrigliaHundley, P.C

Third party services.  SLG utilizes marketing, and technology services via the Divorce.com website and may provide these services as part of a package of other offerings from Singular Law Group PLLC. Divorce.com is not a regulated provider of legal services.

  1. Included Limited Legal Services.

Client and SLG agree that SLG is not engaged to represent Client generally in any matter, but rather, that SLG will limit the scope of representation to only provide certain specific legal services in connection with the matter for a particular purpose (“Limited Services”).

SLG must act in your best interest and give you competent help. Because Client and SLG have agreed that SLG will provide limited help:

  • SLG does not have to give more help than agreed in this contract,
  • Any services provided will be at SLG’s sole and absolute discretion, and
  • SLG does not have to help Client with any other part of the matter.

While performing the Limited Services, SLG:

  • Does not promise any particular outcome.
  • Relies entirely on Client’s disclosure of facts and will not make any independent investigation unless expressly agreed to in writing in this document.
  • May advise you that limited representation is not reasonable, and advise you that you need more services or another lawyer.

SLG and Client agree that the legal services provided by SLG are identified below and are limited to the specific Limited Services identified and do not include any other services.

Legal Plan Services

The Legal Plans provide the following benefits. 

  1. Membership in a Legal Plan provides the following benefits (collectively, the “Plan Benefits”):

(i) Telephone consultations with Firm, during normal business hours, of up to 45 minutes each and up to one hour of time researching the topic of the consultation, limited to one consultation per Plan Member for each new legal matter. Letters are not included. Telephone consultations may not include discussion of any of the following:

  1. Tax-related matters;
  2. Plan Members may not consult about matters related to any Plan Member’s business. 

(i) Review by the Firm of legal documents of up to ten (10) pages, limited to review of one (1) document per Plan Member for each new legal matter. The Firm will conduct complimentary reviews solely for those final document packets that are directly provided by Divorce.com, ensuring that this no-cost service is exclusive to documents originating from our Divorce Partners’s specific packets. The Firm shall provide one (1) telephone consultation, during normal business hours and advise Plan Member on any areas of concern and the legal implications of those provisions and their conformity to United States state and federal law.

(ii) Once during each membership year, the Primary Member shall be entitled to a personal legal review (the “Legal Review”). The Legal Review is intended to provide the Plan Member with an (a) assessment of his or her legal issues and recommendations based on significant issues or gaps. The Firm shall provide a written summary of the consultation and any recommendations to the Plan Member. legal documents or strategies. The Legal Check-Up shall become available to a Primary Member only after twelve (12) months of membership in the Legal Plan;

(iii) If a Plan Member engages the Firm for services that are not included in the Plan Benefits described in subsections (c)(i) – (c)(ii) above, the Firm shall provide such legal services at a twenty-five (25%) discount from such Firm’s standard rates for representation;

(iv) Nothing in the Legal Plans or this Agreement shall be construed to limit the right of a Plan Member to retain, at his or her own expense, an unaffiliated attorney. Neither Singular Law Group PLLC nor SLG shall be obligated to pay for any such services.

  1. Excluded Legal Services

This Agreement specifically excludes the following services,

  1. SLG will not represent, speak for, appear for or sign papers on Client’s behalf in any litigation related matter unless contracted separately to do so.
  2. SLG will not represent Client in disputes with employees, contractors or third-parties of any kind, including governmental bodies.
  3. SLG will not provide litigation services of any kind, whether in court, arbitration, administrative hearings, or government agency hearings unless contracted separately to do so.
  4. Any action that directly or indirectly involves Singular Law Group PLLC or any of its affiliates, directors, agents, or employees; 
  1. Any adversarial action by a Plan Member that directly or indirectly involves any other Plan Member; 
  2. Any matter involving the laws of jurisdictions outside of the United States or its subdivisions; 
  3. Any appeal to an appellate court (i.e., not a trial court); provided, however, that the Firm may, in its sole discretion and at its sole risk, disregard this exclusion; 
  4. Any matter that, in the Firm’s opinion, is frivolous in nature or objective; or 
  5. Any case matter or requested service that is determined by the Firm to lack sufficient merit to warrant pursuit, or that the Firm decides has been raised an inordinate or unreasonable number of times without a change in circumstances.
  6. If the interests of the Primary Member are adverse to those of another Plan Member in that same Plan, only the Primary Member is entitled to receive the applicable Plan Benefits. 
  7. SLG will not provide any other service not included as a Limited Service under this Agreement.
  8. Electronic Communication.

You agree to receive communication by email. SLG is not obligated to send correspondence by U.S. or international postal mail.

SLG is not liable for damages caused by your failure to update and/or check your email address of record.

  1. Sharing Documents.

You agree that, to the extent allowable, our Divorce Partners may share your order information with Singular Law Group PLLC.

SLG will never share attorney-client privileged information with our Divorce Partners

  1. Firm-Client Privilege.

You agree that, to the extent allowable, our Divorce Partners may share your order information with Singular Law Group PLLC.

  1. Professional, Independent Attorney Judgment. 

Attorneys performing legal services for Legal Plan Members under the terms of this Agreement are not agents or employees of our Divorce Partners. Any attorney rendering legal services to Plan Members under a Legal Plan shall maintain the attorney-client relationship with the Plan Member, and is solely responsible to the Plan Member for all legal services provided. It is within the sole discretion of the attorney to determine whether claims or defenses pertaining to any matter under this Agreement present a frivolous or otherwise unmeritorious claim or defense. Participating attorneys reserve the right to make independent professional judgments regarding such presentations. our Divorce Partners will in no way influence or attempt to affect the rendering of professional services of the participating attorneys. 

  1. Singular Law Group.

Singular Law Group PLLC, is a law firm licensed by the Arizona Supreme Court as an Alternative Business Structure (License #70122). 

  1. Resolution of Disputes

SLG is committed to customer satisfaction. If you have a complaint about our services, please contact us by emailing complaints@singular.law . If we cannot resolve your issue immediately, we will send you a copy of our complaints procedure.

This resolution detailed in this policy is independent of the regulatory scheme that governs attorney conduct in the United States, and thus that may govern an individual attorney’s conduct. The conduct of individual attorneys in the US is governed by the state bar of the jurisdiction where the attorney is licensed. State bar regulatory authorities do not engage in the settlement of fee disputes.

  1. Fees & Billing
  2. You agree that SLG may utilize the services of our Divorce Partners to collect payment for these services and remit such payment to SLG.
  3. If you have purchased this service as part of a package from our Divorce Partners you will be billed in accordance with your agreement between you and our Divorce Partners
  4. ​​​​​​Any fees are earned-on-receipt and will not be billed against on an hourly basis. It will not be deposited into SLG’s client trust account, but will be deposited into SLG’s general operating account. Even though the fees are earned-on-receipt, you may nevertheless discharge us at any time and in that event may be entitled to a refund of all or part of the fees paid based upon the value of the representation.
  5. Termination
  6. By Client
  7. If you have purchased this service as part of a package from our Divorce Partners, cancellation of that package is subject to the agreement between you and our Divorce Partners
  8. You may terminate your order and discharge SLG at any time by written notice to our Divorce Partners, effective when received. Unless specifically agreed by SLG and you, SLG will provide no further services and advance no further costs on your behalf after receipt of the notice.
  9. By SLG
  10. SLG may terminate your services for any reason and at any time as permitted under the ethical rules of conduct in the state of license of your attorney. As your sole remedy, we will refund you any fees, minus the amount of any fees for work already performed.
  11. Conflict of Interest. SLG is required to inform you in writing if it has represented a client with an interest in your matter. If, at any point, a conflict of interest is found between you and another client represented by SLG, SLG may obtain written consent of both parties to proceed. If a conflict of interest is found which requires SLG to decline representation, or if both parties do not consent, SLG will not find alternative counsel and you will be issued a refund.
  12. Right to Refuse

SLG reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

  1. Entire Agreement

This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the Parties. No other agreement, statement, or promise made on or before the effective date of this Agreement will be binding on the Parties.

  1. Governing Law

Any dispute arising from this Agreement or your use of SLG’s services will be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Arizona, except to the extent preempted by U.S. federal law, without regard to conflict of law rules or principles (whether of Arizona or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction. Any dispute between the parties that is not subject to arbitration or cannot be heard in small claims court will be resolved in the state or federal courts of Arizona and the United States, respectively, sitting in Maricopa County, Arizona.

  1. Miscellaneous

SLG is not responsible for the proper operation of the website(s). You assume all risks for technical difficulties in placing your order(s) or submitting information over the Internet. By accepting the terms of this Agreement you are warranting that you are duly authorized to enter into such an agreement.

Updated 02/08/2024

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